Frequently Asked Questions

KOALA is the smartphone leash for life on the go! On the slopes, rivers, job site, or trail our simple, secure, and compact design slips over any phone, case or not, to protect your device from damage and loss.

Using the KOALA is as easy as 1-2-3. Attach the KOALA to your phone, attach your phone to your body. And go out and play – someplace wild.

Glad you asked! The second way to use the KOALA is to wear it on your wrist. To do this, close the clasp over the straight portion of the tether to form a loop with the coiled tether. Then slip it onto your wrist.

You’re super active, so all that movin’ and shakin’ can cause the KOALA to slip a little. The good news is that the KOALA still grips with just three loops attached. But if you find a rebellious corner, it’s always a good idea to stretch your KOALA back into shape to keep your precious smartphone safe and secure.

The tether is what we consider a Goldilocks length. If you need to let go of your phone for a second (like when someone is passing you a beer), your phone will hang down about a foot. On the other hand, the tether can stretch up-to 4 feet for those selfie worthy moments.

Certain locations offer a better grip than others. The best spots we’ve found are:

  1. The edge of a sewn seam, like on your jeans pocket.
  2. The edge of a zipper, like on the pocket of ski jacket.
  3. Nylon straps, like on a backpack. On the other hand, some locations that aren’t quite as secure are very thin fabrics, and fabric edges without a sewn seam.

The KOALA stays clear of the cameras on all the iPhones and most Android. A notable exception is the Samsung S10 with it’s horizontal band of cameras on the back of the phone. Also, on occasion, a KOALA strap my interfere with a front facing camera but that can be remedied by adjusting the straps to one side or the other.

KOALA fits nearly every smartphone from an iPhone 6 (without a case) to the Galaxy Note10+ (encased in Lifeproof armour). Just to make sure, you can measure your phone and add up the height, width, and thickness. If the total is less than 1 foot, you’re good to go. Above that, and the KOALA may not work for you.

With over 200 prototypes out in the world, our samples have been tested by climbers, skiers, parents (and kids), travelers, boaters, etc, etc. Back in the lab our testing included prolonged stretching, repeated stressing and heating/freezing. And finally, we performed “break tests” to test the limits of the material: the harness broke at 40 pounds and the clasp released at 50 pounds. In short, the KOALA has been put through the mill!

The KOALA clasp is extremely grippy yet non-marring. It’s designed to work with outdoor fabrics like Cordura, denim, Gore-Tex, fleece, cotton, etc. without leaving a mark.

We designed the KOALA for rugged outdoor use (fishing, climbing, skiing, etc) where we only needed access to a few phone functions: the cameras, the occasional text and maybe some tunes. For those functions, the interference is minimal. Also, the harness is very adjustable which allows you too kinda customize the fit.

KOALA weighs in at about 1 ounce (30 grams).

During our launch, the KOALA will be available in Campfire Gray, Deepwater Blue, Hops Yellow and Sunset Red. Post-launch, we’d love your help picking more colors! Stay tuned for color related updates.

Simply rinse your KOALA with some warm water and you should be good to go. Better yet, take it with you in the shower to save some water! Tip: Don’t forget to remove your smartphone before giving it a wash.

The KOALA was designed, prototyped and tested in Santa Fe, NM. For manufacturing, we looked first at the US but ended up with an industry leading partner in Shenzhen, China.

The KOALA has several parts made from different materials. The harness (the part that stretches over you phone) is made from silicone. And the clasp is made from recycled plastic.The tether is made of urethane and crimped with aluminum swages.

Our manufacturing partner is ready to start cranking out KOALAs by the boatload. And we’re working with a crowdfunding focused fulfillment company here in the US. Basically, we want to wow you, not just with our product, but with how quickly you get it. So, we are confident in our ability to deliver your KOALA before the holidays.

When we send out your KOALA, we’ll also send you an email with a tracking number. And we’ll send it via carrier pigeon or dolphin. Or the US Postal Service. Whichever is quicker.

We’ve designed the KOALA to last a lifetime. Because durable products make happy maker, happy customers and less SH*T in our landfills.

Absofreakinlutely! The KOALA comes with a 100% Lifetime Warranty. If your KOALA ever breaks or stops working as you expect it to, send it back and we’ll replace it for free. And we cover shipping both ways!

Of course we think everyone will love the KOALA as much as we do, but if for whatever reason, the KOALA doesn’t work for you, you can return it anytime for a full refund.

Sadly, our warranty doesn’t include your smartphone.

Good eye! HANGTIME started as a hammock brand, with a sloth as our mascot.

The founder’s daughter suggested the name and we love the idea of the KOALA’s being a hug for your phone.

Our KOALA testers depend on the clasp while skiing, boating and rock climbing and it works amazingly well! But just to make sure, we did some stress tests and the clasp easily managed a 50lb load!

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